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The Golden Horseshoe Inn was built in 1827 as a stagecoach inn for travelers crossing the Blue Ridge Mountains.

This wonderful building has been in our family for over 30 years and has served as an All Inclusive Wedding Venue since 2010!

We love to think...that a building that has stood the test of time is the perfect place to start a marriage that will stand the test of time! (we're romantics like that!)

In the decade + that we've been hosting weddings, we've learned a thing or two along the way and we LOVE sharing our recipe for an all out amazing day that won't break the bank!   Wedding stress? Not here! The GHI team will make sure your experience is Ah-mazing from your first email...
to your Sparkler Send off!

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wedding per day, so all of our focus is on YOU!


beautiful weddings are hosted every year.


is the year the Golden Horseshoe Inn was built


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our venue and grounds

Our location right next door to Shenandoah National Park lets us zip up to the mountaintop for epic photos!

the blue ridge mountains

We're partial to chocolate, but let's be real, ALL our cakes are delicious!  Included in your package means one less details to worry about!

delicious wedding cake

We work with amazing florists to provide lovely customized bouquets and boutonnieres for you!

beautiful FLOWERS

Every hour of your wedding day is precious and we don't think you should waste a moment on set up or clean up.  We love providing those services so our couples can simply enjoy their day!

everything done for you

What we love Most:

Heather is the owner of Golden Horseshoe Inn Weddings! She also offers onsite photography services to our GHI couples. (All the photos on this website are by her!)

Heather comes from a creative background, having previously been a professional actor and voice over artist for many years. For the past decade, her passion has been creating beautiful weddings, and amazing wedding photos! When she is not planning weddings, she is reading, perfecting her chocolate chip cookie recipe, decorating her "fixer upper", being mom to two of the world's coolest kids, and tending to the every whim of her beloved rescue dog Grover.

What she loves most about being a part of Golden Horseshoe Weddings:
"It is definitely the couples themselves.  Getting to meet such amazing people, with such interesting love stories, and getting to play a small part in their big day is always a privilege.  It is so satisfying to send off a couple at the end of their day knowing I gave them my very best".

Meet YOur wedding team... INtroducing Heather

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Monique is our amazing on-site Officiant and the Assistant Wedding planner at the Golden Horseshoe Inn.  She been working with us since 2014. (She and Heather met as "dance moms" at the local dance studio that their children attend!)

Monique brings a joyful, easygoing, and reassuring presence to the GHI.  She has a special way of making each guest feel welcome and well taken care of.   Her secret talent is to always be able to figure out the bustle on a wedding gown, and she has been called in as bustling reinforcement too many times to count!  Monique is also our music guru, and works with our couples on their playlists and makes sure the correct music is playing at the correct time during the event. 

What Monique loves most about being a part of Golden Horseshoe Weddings:
"GHI Weddings allows me to be myself!  I love being around the couples and their guests.  I find joy in making each GHI wedding a memorable, enjoyable day for everyone!"

meet your wedding team... introducing monique

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Stephen is our official onsite Cinematographer and unofficial I.T guy! He was the first GHI wedding photographer and taught Heather everything she knows! (Stephen and Heather have been married since 1997!) Stephen loves life and has a huge array of interests from civil war history, to philately (he specializes in ship cancels) to his newest obsession the 2 cent coin.

meet your wedding team ... introducing Stephen

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We are so delighted to have Chrissy as part of the GHI wedding team.  Always ready with a smile and a helping hand or kind word, Chrissy comes to us after assisting a local caterer for several years.  She is a mom of two wonderful daughters and lives and teaches in nearby Orange County. 

meet your wedding team... introducing Christina

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Isabel, or "Belle" as most of us call her, has been working as a wedding assistant at the Golden Horseshoe Inn since her freshman year of high school.  Now a high school senior, she is a dedicated STEM student, and member of the Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's school.  Belle plans to pursue a college degree in Computer Science.  She is currently working on her senior keystone project, designing an app to help people with autism, who experience selective mutism, to communicate in a non verbal way.  She plans to create a career designing apps and programming software to help the autism community.

Belle's favorite thing about working at the Golden Horseshoe Inn:
"I really like working with our wedding team behind the scenes.  We love it when guests tell us everything happened seamlessly, as if by magic.  Doing my part to help create a fantastic wedding environment for our couples makes the long days and hard work worth it!"

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