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Dogs + Weddings – Should We or Shouldn’t We?

You are getting ready to marry your Best Friend, and wondering if “man’s best friend” – your furry four legged family member, should be there to witness the big event!  As a wedding planner, and a dedicated dog-mom, I feel like I have a few helpful thoughts to consider when making this decision…

These pictures are ah-mazing right!  Well behaved and adorable dogs dressed in finery and posing perfectly for the camera – who wouldn’t want that?!  The little cuties featured in this post all did a great job.  And their dog-parents also did a great job in determining whether or not their furry friends could successfully handle a wedding day.

Here’s the thing, I think in the end your wedding day should be about you marrying the love of your life!  There will already be so many stresses and distractions on the wedding day itself, it bears considering whether you really want to add in a whole other set of variables and considerations.  Things like – who will be in charge of my pet during the event? How will our formal wear handle being jumped on, or having paws on it?  Who will watch our pet for the entire duration of the day?  How will our pet do during the ceremony, when he is close to us, but not allowed to be right near us (for example if he is in the front row with his handler, or being held by the best man?)   Things to ask yourselves:

  • Does our pet handle new situations and new locations well?
  • Does our pet handle large crowds well?
  • Does our pet handle being separated from us well?
  • Is our pet well trained enough to remain inside if someone leaves an exterior door open?
  • Can our pet handle distractions during the wedding ceremony itself?
  • Do we have someone we can count on to be with our pet for the entire day?


Your pet will proudly walk down the aisle and quietly sit with his handler while watching you get married.


Your pet will run down the aisle and bark excitedly.  He will be so happy to see you, that he will pull with all his might to get to you, and either bride or groom will end up holding the leash during the ceremony. Your attention will now be divided between saying your vows and handling your pup, while you try to get untangled from the leash.


Your pet will be calm and chill at the event, just like he is at home.


There will be a ton of excitement in the air and your dog will pick up on this.  The door to the venue will constantly be opening and closing, and many times accidentally left open by guests.  There are several ponds on our property and a busy road nearby, these could be safety hazards to a pup that has decided to roam in this unfamiliar environment.


Some solutions.  I always think having the best of both worlds is the way to go.  If you have thought about the above considerations, and are really set on having your furry friends join you, let it be for a finite amount of time.  I suggest having a dedicated doggie care taker on your wedding day (a family member or wedding party member would be perfect).  Have this person bring your dog to the venue just before the ceremony begins, rather than early in the day when you will arrive to begin hair, makeup and dressing preparations.  Your photographer can catch some shots of your pup in his/her finery (such as the adorable Emma, above) and your pup can participate in the ceremony.  Afterwards, you can get a few quick pictures together with your furry friend, and then have your doggie handler take your pup back to your accommodations (there are a few pet friendly cabin rentals in our area, if you don’t live nearby).  (Side note: we don’t allow pets to be crated or left alone upstairs for the event.  They need to have a handler with them at all times at the Golden Horseshoe Inn). I think this is the best way for you to enjoy the day with your dog, without having the day become all about your dog!

We don’t host cats at the venue due to allergies among staff (I’m super allergic!) But here is another awesome way to include your pet – do what Alicia and Erick did – dress your cutie up in their finery, and bring their photo with you to display on your big day!  This “cat in a tuxedo” is still one of my favorite pictures ever – I’m pretty sure the cat does not feel the same way!  I hope these tips are helpful for you in the decision making process.  It’s a really big day, and there are no do-over’s, so a lot of time, the best decision is to introduce as few variables as possible, and leave your pet safe, calm and happy at home.  Couples considering including their dogs in their GHI Wedding Day, are welcome to discuss idea’s with their planner!

And to conclude, a few pictures of my own “Goodest of Good Boy’s” – Grover, who wishes you the best wedding day ever!

-xoxo Heather


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