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Dylan Senior Portraits 5.1.23

I am definitely blinking back a few tears as I edit these photos.  This is one special boy right here.  (Dylan and my daughter Lyra have been involved together in local theatre classes since they were little…and have been duet partners competing in dance for many years as well at the Orange School of Performing Arts).  To say that Dylan is talented simply does not cover things at all.  He is a truly gifted performer, who has been dedicated to mastering dance, singing and acting as well a being an award winning cello player. And by “dedicated”, I mean 30-40 hours a week of lessons, training, rehearsals, auditions and performances.  He is incredibly humble, and just the kindest most thoughtful kid, always cheering on others and looking for the kid who is left out, and making sure to include them.  He is, in a word, exceptional.  I am always excited to take Dylan’s photo because he does not come to play… the outfits he brings are always good fun and he takes direction so well, while not taking himself too seriously.  When looking for a place to sit in the alley we decided it could be a new game called “is it art, or is it just gross” as we dodged a few potholes and stains on the road 🙂  For this senior portrait shoot, we sort of landed on a Harry Styles inspired look and jokingly asked ourselves WhatWouldHarryDo when deciding on accessories and pants. (the jacket in this first set of photos is his mom’s from her 20’s in NYC – absolutely PERFECT!) So here goes…Dylan’s senior portraits…I am so sad he is moving on, and so very proud of him all at the same time.  He recently announced that he will be part of the highly exclusive musical theatre BFA program at Shenandoah University this fall and I know he will do wonderful things.  A little sneak peek of Dylan’s Senior Portraits…

Happy trails Dylan!

We can’t wait to come cheer for you on Broadway!

-xoxo Heather

Thank you once again to the Pitera family for the use of their glorious Rounton Farm for the Cello photos.

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