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Virginia All Inclusive Wedding Courtney & Hunter 4.30.22

Oh gosh, everything about this day was absolutely wonderful!  We were so excited when Courtney and Hunter’s wedding day finally arrived!  It was a gorgeous spring day, and the perfect way to end the busy month of April.  Courtney and Hunter had chosen a color scheme of Cornflower Blue and Yellow, which was simply perfect for their spring wedding.  The venue looked so fresh and cheerful and there were fun surprises to discover everywhere you turned.  Courtney hand painted a special sign to use as a guest book, and brought so many lovely details for me to photograph, including personalized vow books, a sweet perfume bottle and special hangers for the bridal party.  Upstairs in the dressing room, Courtney was joined by her bridesmaids and future mother-in-law and her two adorable flower girls.  Everyone had fun preparing, and toasting the bride as they readied themselves for the big day ahead.  An outdoor ceremony was officiated by a special friend of the family and included beautiful vows written by the bride and groom.  And in the most tear jerking moment of the day, Courtney made vows and promises to her new step son Grayson…I don’t think there was a dry eye to be found during this very special moment.  After the ceremony, we whisked the bride and groom away for some stunning mountain top photos (and footage for their wedding highlight film) and it was the perfect convergence of a glorious blue sky, and the perfect soft wind that caught Courtney’s veil in the most amazing way (a tip for any future brides reading this…take note of Courtney’s veil…it was absolutely perfect for these kind of shots because it was quite long, but not weighted down by any beadwork or embroidery…the simplest veils always make for the most beautiful pictures!).  Back at the venue we took some fun photos on the grounds with family, friends and bridal party, and then adjourned inside for a delicious meal, cake, toasts and dancing.  It was so special to witness and capture all the beauty of this day, especially the bride and groom themselves, who were as beautiful on the inside as they were on the outside…and man, were they beautiful on the outside!  I am so excited to share some favorite photos from Courtney and Hunter’s wedding day…