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All Inclusive Virginia Wedding Kylie and Jim 8.7.21

We had the most wonderful day with Kylie and James and their families, as everyone came together to celebrate the marriage of our beautiful bride and her handsome groom.  This is a family that is so much fun to be around!  Kylie arrived in the early afternoon with her mom and sister to begin preparations.  And was later joined in the bridal suite by her flower girls and the rest of her bridal party.  It was adorable to see all the ladies in their special robes, and take some fun photos of their preparations.  Just prior to the ceremony, Kylie and Jim shared a quiet moment and exchanged love letters from either side of the dressing suite door.  (How much do I LOVE the special box they brought to keep those letters in!)  Guests enjoyed a wonderful wedding ceremony conducted by a family pastor.  A delicious meal prepared by Mission BBQ and there was a joyful line at the candy buffet after dinner concluded – where guests filled their personalized jars provided by the bride and groom with some delectable sweets.  My favorite part of this day was definitely my time on the mountaintop with Kylie and Jim.  Oh. My. Goodness. The sights we saw!  There was a magical rolling mist that seemed to follow us wherever we went.  We got some absolutely stunning photos, as the mist swirled around us, even completely obscuring the mountains for a minute or two, and then drifting away as quickly as it appeared.  You’ll get to see some of those images below!  I am so excited to share some favorite moments from this incredible wedding day…