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Venue Tour of the Golden Horseshoe Inn!


Come take a Virtual Tour of the Golden Horseshoe Inn!

(night time view of the Golden Horseshoe Inn)

We’d love to show you around our beautiful Golden Horseshoe Inn!  This Historic building was built in 1827 as a Stagecoach Inn.  Our family has owned it for the past 30 years!  It first served as the Gallery Shop for our Officiant (and Heather’s dad) Alan’s Blue Ridge Pottery.  And 11 years ago, became the home of Golden Horseshoe Weddings.

We’ve endeavored to create a space that is unique, cozy, charming and has every amenity you’ll need right at your fingertips.

Let us show you around!

Daytime view of the Golden Horseshoe Inn

Let’s step inside the front door, shall we…

As you step through the front door, the room pictured above will be on your right.  There is a lovely gas fireplace for wintertime events!   The table on the far right is inspired by the Ballet – Romeo and Juliet.  We use it as the Gift Table at most weddings.

Below you’ll see the front parlor set up with a Sweetheart’s Table for an Elegance Elopement

As you step through the front door, the room pictured below will be on your left.  We use it as the main food and beverage area.  There is a cute bar for displaying your wine. We’ll provide Lemonade, Sweet Tea, and Ice Water on the table in the center of the room, and the table in front of the white screen is where we provide Coffee and Tea!

 The buffet tables by the windows are where we lay out the meal, if you are providing one, or our light refreshments if there is no meal.

Stairs leading to the 2nd floor dressing suites!


Our Elegance Elopements, and Mini Winter Wedding packages take place in these front rooms.  Below, you’ll see the food and beverage room set up for a Mini Winter Wedding Reception (these photos were taken before we repainted to white and cream)


The stairway in between these two front rooms leads to the two upstairs dressing suites!  We often display the reception seating chart here, for guests to check out before heading into the reception room just beyond the staircase.


Our reception room seats up to 70 guests plus the wedding couple comfortably!  There is a gas fireplace, exposed brick wall, and lovely faux tin ceiling.  The main area holds up to 4 guest tables (seating up to 10 guests each) and the smaller area past the curtains holds up to 3 guest tables of 10 guests each.  For intimate weddings with less than 40 guests, the rear space is used for cake display area and dance floor.  For larger weddings with 5-7 guest tables, tables are either pushed to the sides after dinner, to make room for dancing, or the tables from the smaller reception area are removed after dinner to make room for dancing.  *Some of our couples aren’t into dancing and that is totally fine too!  Our wedding planners will work with you to create a floor plan that suits all the needs of your intimate wedding!

Our wedding deck comfortably seats up to 70 guests, with a distant view of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background, and a pond just beyond the deck.  We think it is pretty in every season!  When you arrive on your wedding day, the deck will be set up for your ceremony.  After your ceremony, we’ll repurpose this space with little cafe tables and chairs around the edges of the deck, so guests can continue to enjoy the space during cocktail hour and for the duration of the event!

Above: November ceremony taking place on the wedding deck!

Below: Main garden space to the right of the wedding deck

Above: Main garden to the right of the Golden Horseshoe Inn and fire pit area for S’mores

Above: The little pond overlooked by the wedding deck, at the rear of the Golden Horseshoe Inn. (photo taken March 31)

For weddings on a rainy day, winter weddings, or for couples who simply prefer to be married inside, the reception room can transform into a Ceremony Space as pictured below!

All guest tables are completely ready to go and are hidden behind the curtains.  At the conclusion of the wedding, the couple will recess to the front parlors, and guests will be invited to congratulate them there!  This empties the reception room and allows us to quickly, efficiently and quietly (just like Wedding Ninja’s) re-purpose this room for the reception.  The curtains are opened, and the tables are brought out.  This process takes about 8 minutes!


Let’s go upstairs the the second floor, where the dressing rooms are located…

Pictured below is dressing room #1

A very calm and pretty spot to get ready!  This suite has its own private restroom (not pictured).  Full length mirror, gown steamer, and a stocked Emergency Cupboard full of things to make your day run smoothly.  You have no idea how many groomsmen we’ve sewn into their pants! (something about getting lively on the dance floor and rental pants just doesn’t mix – we’ve seen our fair share of ripped seams lol!)

And pictured below is dressing room #2

A comfy and pretty spot to prepare in.  (Fun side note: This room is my favorite color!  I have painted all the doors in my own house this color! )  This suite has it’s own private restroom (not pictured).  The large armoire is our “Emergency Cupboard” and is full of things to make your day easier, like Lint Rollers, Shout Wipes, Combs, Mouthwash, Safety Pins, a sewing kit and all sorts of other things that you might not know you’ll need…

The front of the building is the perfect place for a picture of your Porsche…if you have one 🙂  This groom was a professional Poker Player…how cool is that!

I hope this virtual tour has been helpful!  The building is basically set up in the traditional 4 square style.  2 rooms below (the food and beverage room, and the parlor) and 2 rooms above (dressing suites 1 and 2).  And then there is an addition on the rear first floor of the building where the reception rooms and kitchen are, as well as access to the wedding deck.  The first floor is handicapped accessible and there are ramps to the wedding deck as well.  We regret that due to the historic nature of the building, the 2nd floor dressing suites are not handicapped accessible.

If you are still hoping to get a better lay of the land, you might like to check out our Wedding Cinematography examples, which will show the grounds and rooms in action a little more!


The Golden Horseshoe Inn simply can’t wait to be a part of your wedding day!

xoxo – Heather



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