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Hosting All Inclusive Virginia wedding packages, means we’ve scoured the Commonwealth for amazing vendors who can provide outstanding service to our couples.  When it comes to a wedding day, there is almost nothing as exciting as a wedding cake!  We have the most amazing baker, and wedding mornings always start to feel “real” when a cake delivery arrives at the Golden Horseshoe Inn!  Whether it is a delicate and perfectly sized cake for just-the-two-of-you, or a towering 3 tier confection, we think your wedding cake is a big deal!  We know that searching for a great baker, and arranging transport of the cake to the venue can be expensive and time consuming and that’s why a wonderful cake is already included in both our Elegance Elopement and Boutique Wedding package.

If your grandma bakes all the cakes for the weddings in your family, or you already have a special bakery in mind, no worries, we are happy to omit the included cake from your package and let you provide your own instead!

Your Golden Horseshoe Wedding Cake Design options are pictured below:

From Left to Right:


Cake Flavor Choices:

Brides White Cake

Heavenly Chocolate Cake

Luscious Lemon Cake

Orange Cake

Retro Red Velvet Cake

Carrot Cake


Filling Choices:

Red Raspberry



Lemon Curd

Vanilla Creme

Chocolate Ganache

*or if you prefer no filling, we can substitute icing instead!


Icing Flavor Choices:

Vanilla Buttercream

Almond Buttercream

Chocolate Buttercream

Cream Cheese

Let’s talk about cake tables.  Whether you are providing your own cake, or using the cake included in your wedding package, we think it deserves to be beautifully displayed during your event.

We have lots of pretty cake stands to choose from and a cake cutting set for you to use, if you don’t want to bring one.  And we’ll style your cake table with items from our prop inventory and any special items you’ve brought with you.  Here are a few of our favorite cake table displays:


Cake Service – what is it?  Cake service is a term you’ll hear venues use sometimes.  It refers to the slicing and serving of the cake (not the cost of the cake itself).  Many venues charge a cake service fee.  We do not.  Whether the cake was provided by us, or someone else, our staff is happy to cut and serve the cake for your guests (after you two have done the traditional “cake cutting” ceremony of course).  Our cake is served on clear glass cake plates, and forks are of course provided by us as well.

Let’s talk size.  Our elopement cakes are a single tier, extra tall and 6″ in diameter.  Although billed as a “cake for two”, this cake will easily serve you and up to 8 guests.  Elopement couples have the option to add on an additional tier if they wish.  In this case we will save the top tier for you to take home, and serve your guests from the bottom tier.

Our Wedding cakes are 3 tiers, no matter the size of your wedding (so folks hosting a 20 guest wedding will have A LOT of extra cake to take home!).  The top tier of the wedding cake is saved for the couple to take home and guests are served from the bottom tiers.  For weddings near the top of our guest count, with 60 or 70 guests, we’ll have an additional tier of cake in the kitchen to make sure everyone gets a good sized piece!


Let’s talk Cake Toppers for a minute.  A Cake Topper is a little decoration some couples bring to decorate the top of their cake.  Sometimes it ties in the theme of the wedding day, or the color scheme, or is a little nod to something important in the Bride and Groom’s life or hobbies.  Many of our couples choose not to bring a cake topper, and that’s ok too.  Cake flowers (fresh flowers that match the bridal bouquet) are included in your wedding package and our wedding planner will garnish your cake once it is delivered to the venue.  If  you do decide to bring a cake topper, here are a few tips for choosing your wedding cake topper:

  • The top tier of our cakes is 6″ in diameter, so you’ll likely want to get a topper no more than 6″ wide
  • Make sure your topper is light enough not to crush the cake.  If it’s heavy let us know, and our baker can add some extra support to the top tier
  • Make sure your topper will safely sit on the cake.  It’s best to hot glue a toothpick or dowel to unsteady cake toppers, so they can be securely attached to the cake.
  • Bobble heads are adorable, but guests can’t help but “Bobble” them, and they will eventually fall off your cake – we suggest foregoing a bobble head topper, or placing it on the cake table instead of the cake itself

Have a look at some of the cute cake toppers we’ve seen over the years…

Do You LOVE chocolate as much as we do?  Wedding Cakes are available with Chocolate Icing instead of traditional white, if preferred!

We hope you enjoyed this little peek into the world of wedding cakes at the Golden Horseshoe Inn!

-xoxo Heather


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